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[Darker than BLACK] [Hei/Yin] Things We One Had to Hold 
13th-Jun-2009 04:05 pm
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Title: Things We Once Had to Hold
Author: darkenedsakura
Fandom: Darker than BLACK
Character/Pairing: Hei/Yin, hints of Hei/Amber
Rating: PG
Warnings: No spoilers. References to episodes 13—14 and 25
Word Count: ~1800
Summary: Nothing you do needs to be for anyone other than you, he says. Maybe one day he’ll take his own advice. Post-series.

To celebrate the announcement that Darker than BLACK is getting a second season, I’m going to rec one of my favourite fics based on the first season. Hei/Yin is probably my OTP in this fandom because Yin, who is usually so blank and expressionless, gets slightly emotional when Hei is involved (does that sound like another one of my OTPs? ^^). I love this fic because you see Yin trying so hard to be more human and Hei trying so hard to help her and to understand her and you realise that it’s probably the reason why she’s so attached to him. I love the author’s style and there are some lines in here that are gorgeous.

Then she leaned back, moving away but still facing him. This time, she moved her hands across her own face, the muscles around her mouth twitching in the unsure way that they had done that one night. He watched as she seemed to adjust them with an artist’s touch, smoothing over one line and outlining another, replacing the uncertainty with strokes of something more resolute.

And then her hands slipped back down, with not a flourish but a reveal. Upturned lips raised in something soft and ethereal, with traces of his own ghosts and something lightly shining like moonlight.

All the work that goes into one smile, he thought, but still didn’t look away.
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